I am sure Fresh graduate who spent 4-5 years learning all the lessons, giving exams and outshining in that, also for an added advantage either through university or through other EdTech providers did the certification in Tech skills too !! However they still are not able to find their dream job, and if they find not able to excel in that. What exactly is the problem?

The problem is students are so focused on mastering the expertise in their field without understanding the importance of skills like Business Communication, Team Building ways to resolve conflicts, negotiating your way, planning & scheduling the work, etc. This results in an unproductive workforce. 

Once you join a company you have to work with people – people of all ages, race & talent. If you do not possess People Skill you will face issues like not being part of the team working on challenging projects, finding it difficult in getting others motivated to work on your idea, and support you. Struggling to complete the given task as you are not able to manage time & priorities your work. You being flute in English is not enough because you need to know the Business English & the right channel of communication. 

All the above can be summarized as a lack of  “Soft Skills”, it’s basically how you manage yourself and others. It’s about your behavior when you are around people and kind of attitude you show while dealing with co-workers 

Today employers are looking to have “best of both the world” while hiring, as that can assure that an employee can “get the job done” While interviewing the candidates they look for clues to ensure that you possess required Hard, Tech & Soft Skills. Finding the right balance in all 3 can be called as “Employability Skill” that can ensure you can get the desired job as well as you excel is the same.  

It’s not difficult to learn soft skills, do your research on the job you desire to do, and then find out what are the required Soft skills to be successful in the same. If interested in Business Development being able to Negotiate & Communicate well is of prime importance, for a Software engineer communication & team building is required so on and so forth. 

I am hereby listing few Soft Skills (not in any order) that employer seeks, will give an in-depth on each skill, and how we can practice them in the other blog soon. 

  1. Excellent Communication Skills 
  2. Interpersonal Skills
  3. Problem Solving
  4. Teamwork / Team player 
  5. Time Management
  6. Leadership
  7. Adaptability 
  8. Creativity & Curiosity
  9. Emotional Intelligence
  10. Reliability  

Start your journey, draw your road map, and set out for success.

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