New Manager : from Basics to Being a Great Leader

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What did just happen ??? You Got Promoted !!! wow, it’s exciting isn’t it but then why are you so tensed !!

The reality has dawned on you, you who was one of the team members, i.e. one among equals, has now been made the boss/supervisor/manager of the same people who were till now your colleagues, your friends. From this very moment, you are NOW the BOSS. New Manager

Challenges of a New Manager

There are a lot of new roles and responsibilities that you or your new manager needs to learn. Enroll Today for our well-researched course and see the change in your confidence.

What challenges do you envisage in a smooth transition from being an individual contributor to a first-time manager?

1. Not able to Delegate Tasks, still behaves as an Individual Contributor
2. Do you feel pressure to perform better especially better than your teammates?
3. Shy away from asking for help, as you want to show that you deserve the promotion
4. Trying to change everything at once, in turn trying to disrupt the way an organization works
5. Unable to manage a team effectively & displaying his/her authority.

Join our course and we will help you Transit from being a New / First-Time Manager to a successful Team Leader.

Be the Master of communication. We will help you Manage and Lead your team. Learn ways to Delegate and command Respect.

Learn during the workshop ways to progress and manage teams effectively, set the communication processes & most importantly motivate your subordinates.

WHY New Manager / First-Time Manager

I am reminded of the beautiful quote and book ‘Tough times don’t last, tough people, do’ by Robert H Schuller. Yas! times are tough today and survival of the organization and people has become a challenge. Every other person seems to have lost his/her job due to the Covid 19, pandemic. Organizations today find it difficult to pay wages, Highly paid officials are losing their jobs, not because they are nonperformers, but because the organizations want to cut costs and save for tougher days ahead.

But as they say, every dark cloud has a silver lining and in this dark cloud of Job loss, pay cuts, closure of companies, and more, the second line of the surviving organizations, the one downs suddenly find themselves in the position of power, they have authority and responsibility both being thrust upon them. Not because they demanded or wanted it, but more because the organization thought it fit to get the work done through them. These First-time Managers, who find himself/herself being elevated yet required to handle the same people who till now were same level colleagues/ teammates

Can he/she command respect and weld power?

Will he/she be accepted as the boss?

Does he/she have the leadership qualities required?

What are the challenges that life will throw at him/her?

To face these and many more you may have thought of or are going through, How prepared are you?

Our Programme, ‘The NEW / First Time Manager’ has been specially designed to prepare every first-time manager, or aspiring future Manager to handle his/her job role more effectively. The program aims to equip him or her with the knowledge, skills and attitude to not only survive but swim through and attain success in the new role

Program Coverage

Accepting the reality and preparing for change

Believe in yourself

Knowing and Understanding Self and others

Developing Skills required for the Role

Communication Skills – up, down, and sideways

Art of Planning and the importance of milestones

Optimizing resources

Think Beyond (Creative / Out of Box Thinking)

Setting SMARTER Goals

Organizing and Prioritizing

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Delegation and Team Work

Time Management

Leadership and Motivation Skills – How to be a Leader

Positive Attitude and Environment for Positive Results


Topics for this course


Master Communication Skill?

1. Learn Who Your Audience is Audience Analysis as we say is especially important. You will learn how to define your audience in detail so that you can accordingly plan & address their thoughts, wants and issues that are relevant to your intended communication outcomes. 2. Master Your Listening Skills 3. Email is one of the Important aspects of Communication – Learn Effective Email Etiquette 4. Managing Meetings effectively to ensure maximum effectiveness. - How to Run Effective Meetings, How to Plan & Schedule your meeting with clear Agenda, Important to know how to lead, and participate informally as well as informal meetings, innovative ways to save time for all.

Time Management & Goal Setting?

1. Set Your Goals – effective ways to set the right goal, Learn tools like SMART Goal, Vision Board 2. Ways to manage to ensure maximize your productivity – Plan You Work & Priorities it Tools & Techniques for Time Management 3. In today's world distraction is everywhere – Learn how to protect yourself from Distractions 4. Procrastination – What it is & How to overcome this habit

Team Management?

Building & Managing a team will ensure less conflict and more productive work. 1. Delegation and Teamwork 2. Problem Solving and Decision Making – useful for managing conflicts 3. Optimizing resources 4. Feedbacks – Positive Attitude and Environment for Positive Results thru feedback to the teammates and receiving same from the teammates for self-improvement.

Enhance Your Leadership Skills – Discover and Nurture Your leadership style?

Make an actionable strategy with step-by-step tactics to choose the right leadership characteristics for yourself and make meaningful progress. 1. Leadership – Journey from Theory to Practical application 2. Establishing Goals, Roles, and Guidelines for a Team 3. Building Trust and Commitment on Your Team 4. How to inspire and motivate people

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