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Business Communication Workshop


Communication is Sharing your ideas & thoughts.

If the message is received as intended then communication is complete. Whereas

Effective Communication Skill is the Amalgamation of

1. Proficiency of Language in which you intend to communicate.
2. Ability to understand & control Non-Verbal communication.
3. Knowledge of culture & behavioral aspect
4. Excellent Listening Skills
5. Great Observation Skill
6. Mastering Negotiation Skills

Whether you wish to build a successful career or want to be an Entrepreneur or even wish to be a retail shop owner or a housewife, Communication Skill is THE Most Important skill required to be successful in any role.
Start by Analyzing the Gap. Out of the above 6 listed parameters which are your strength & which areas you need to work on.
You can do self-analysis or take feedback from family, friends, & colleagues or approach a coach.
Now set a target, make a plan on mastering the areas of improvement. Practice, Practice & Practice there is no alternative to it if you wish to master any skill.


Your ability to communicate clearly, effectively, accurately & as intended plays a very important role in the success or failure of your career.

The good news is one can learn and improve their communication skills, it’s never too late Register Now.

As we know 75 – 90% of a manager’s time is spent Communicating, Internal / External, Formal-informal, Hence we can rightly say that Effective Communication skill is one that gets you a job &  a promotion too.


For the benefit of thousands of employees who have lost their jobs, looking for promotion, struggling to get their team to follow & respect them, unable to lead their team etc… PM Enhance Career Advancement Coach has designed this special workshop.

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What Will I Learn?

  • You will learn ways to communicate effectively which can surely increase your chances to get the new job, earn that promotion you are eyeing for, be capable of leading a team.

Topics for this course

1h 30m

Effective Mode & Method of Communication?

Verbal Non Verbal Body Language

Communication At Work Place?

How to Motivate, Appreciate your team. Formal ways & Methods of communicating in office

Rules of Netiquettes?

Today use of Internet & Social Media to communicate has increased to a large extend hence understanding rules of Netiquettes is very important.

Challenges of Virtual Communication?

Due to Covid Virtual office is new normal. Learn ways to to build a trust of bosses. Managing team virtually is a tough task setting few rules for communication can make it very effective

Negotiation Skills

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Effective Communication

Material Includes

  • Certification will be given to the attendees

Target Audience

  • Eligible - Students, Corporate executives, 1st Time Manager, Leaders, SME, Entrepreneur's
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